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6 Affordable but Loveable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

vdaygiftsValentine’s Day gifting can be tricky. Giving something too big or too little can cause problems – depending on how fresh your relationship is and how well you know the person. We’ve done some digging and found some great low-cost but still loveable Valentine’s Day gifts you can give with confidence. Share your favorite Valentine’s Day gift you ever received or gave with us on Twitter @AssuredAllure using hashtag #vdaygift.

  1. First off is a no-brainer. A cute jacket that’s weather appropriate for your area and fits your guy’s sense of style is always a great go-to gift for Valentine’s Day because they aren’t super tricky to pick out size and fit wise and there are lots of affordable options out there. Check out this cute Classic Varsity Jacket from Forever 21 for only $24.80.
  2. These gifts are great for ‘screen’ lovers- iPhone (smart phone), iPad (tablet) and laptop guys who are always glued in. Spotify for music downloads or a Hulu+ Subscription should do the trick. What guy doesn’t like getting great music or his favorite shows on the go. Spotify Subscription info: No one likes paying for music, but for only $9.99/month your man can enjoy any song, anywhere thought Spotify. Spotify Premium Subscription; $9.99 month at Spotify.com. With Hulu+ for only $7.99/month he can watch all his favorite shows (new and old) on-demand anytime. Beware of this one though- you may not get much ‘together’ time once he has this!
  3. Sports tickets to a local event he’d love to see are always a great, personalized and budget-friendly idea. Also concert tickets can be a great ‘do together’ gift and bonus- fun for you too!
  4. Clever graphic tees are usually a hit if you know your guys personality and sense of humor. Check out thinkgeek.com for some funny ones.
  5. Men’s Birchbox Subscription: Many guys don’t want to use their hard-earned money on skin/hair/face products, so this monthly men’s beauty box will help them smelling and looking fresh even when they’re too lazy to. Birchbox Mens Subscription; $10/month at Birchbox.com.
  6. Chocolate covered strawberries – order early and save at Shari’s Berries with great Valentine’s day sales. http://www.berries.com/