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Online Fashion Consignment – Clothes for cash!

Remember the days of the garage sale?  Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t seem like you see garage sales like you used to. When I was young, it seemed someone in the neighborhood was having one every weekend. And my mother dragged me to every one of those! Which means that I have an aversion to them, although I do think they are very good way to re-purpose household items that would otherwise get thrown away. Now, there’s a better and more convenient way.

If you’ve collected an overabundance of nice clothes, purses, and shoes, there are some great online fashion consignment sites you might want to check out. Going this route will not only help you clean out your closet but you can also earn some money too!  Here are some of the sites that you might like.

ThredUp – They send you a bag, for free, you fill it up, send it back and ThredUp sells the items and takes a commission. Super convenient. They are looking for items that are like new or without a lot of wear and tear, or may even still have tags. You can leave your earnings with them and use it to shop with on their site or you can cash out with PayPal.  Every year ThredUp donates 10% of their Clean Out proceeds to Teach for America and you can also donate your earnings to their non-profit partners if you like.  And they also accept children’s clothes.

Poshmark – You take a picture of what you want to sell with your phone and post it using their free app.  And then hope it sells!  Poshmark promotes a community of buying and selling with other Poshmark “closets” and you actually follow other peoples postings based on your likes.  So you are selling to your contemporaries. This service is more of an eBay process approach, which means you do more of the work to sell the product, and they tend to focus on name-label products, such as Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch and Michael Kors.

Tradesy – You sell anything in your closet that’s in great condition. Again, you take the picture of the item, but they will help with enhancement of that image. If you aren’t sure of a price, they will suggest a price. And if an item sells, Tradesy sends you a free pre-addressed box, a prepaid shipping label, packing material, and you ship your product out. They earn a commission on your sale price and if a customer wants to return the product they will process the return for you. This is more of a hybrid of the first two online services listed here.

Threadflip – They either send you a shipping kit or you can print a prepaid shipping label at home to send your products to them.   Your products are then inspected and if they don’t make the cut are either returned to you or donated to Goodwill.   For items they accept to sell, they will photograph, price, sell and ship. You can leave your earnings with Threadflip and use it to shop with on their site or you can cash out with PayPal. This and ThredUp are very similar models.

I’ve given you tidbits on sites that you can buy and sell primarily clothing and purses, but there are sites that you can use to sell other products too, such as swap.com or eBay Valet.

While most of us know about eBay, eBay Valet lets you simply package up an item you want to sell, ship it to eBay using a free prepaid label and then eBay Valet will handle the rest. They will photograph your item, create a professional looking post and deal with customer inquiries. Once your item sells, they’ll ship the product to the buyer and send you up to 80 percent of the sale price via PayPal. There are some limitations on what you can and can’t sell.   This is a site you cannot use to sell clothing or anything worth less than $40, but if you have electronics, sporting goods, or instruments, then this is the site for you.


I love the fact that the online world has given us these alternatives. No more garage sales! Not to offend the garage sale lovers out there. After all, my mom still loves them. And, yes, sometimes I still go with her.  But if I do go, I’m wearing our Crystal Tube Bracelet.  A piece that can be worn anywhere!

Happy Selling!


Feel Good Fashion- 10 Fashion Lines that Give Back to Charity

FASHIONGIVESBACK-03The fashion world can sometimes seem unfeeling toward those outside the scope of ‘top model’ material. But there is hard proof now that some fashion designers and even top tier fashion lines do give back. So if you’re looking to spend smarter this year and put your purse behind people doing the right thing in this world than this list of 10 fashion lines that give back to charity should be at the top of your bookmarks.

  1. Topping the list is legendary designer Ralph Lauren who gives to The Pink Pony Fund and The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention. Both are worthy causes that you can feel happy contributing to.
  2. Donatella Versace is a very high profile name in the fashion world and her charity, the Versace One Foundation, works to help rebuild earthquake ravaged areas.
  3. Kenneth Cole who creates everything from gorgeous purses and shoes to clothing gives back part of its proceeds to AID research through amfAR.
  4. Noonday sells fair trade jewelry and accessories like belts and purses from across the globe. Proceeds support more than 1,000 artisans worldwide and provide interest-free loans, scholarship programs, emergency assistance, and more.
  5. ‘Headbands of Hope’ helps kids with cancer in two distinct ways. For every headband purchased, one is gifted to a little girl with cancer, in hopes of lifting her spirits and helping her cope with losing her hair. In addition, $1 per headband is given to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to fund life-saving childhood cancer research. With hundreds of cute headbands to choose from, you really can’t go wrong!
  6. Market Colors, Inc. sells products made by groups in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Malawi including purses, laptop cases, iPad carriers, scarves, rugs, and accessories. Each product is 100% handmade and accompanied by a product card, providing details about the African craftsman who made it.
  7. When you buy a pair of TOMS Shoes, you are also helping improve the health, education, and well-being of a child. Available in hundreds of styles, TOMS Shoes for women, men, and children are not only a fashion statement but a charitable one as well.
  8. Rebuild Globally employs local Haitian artisans with living wage jobs to repurpose post-consumer products (tires and trash) into hand-crafted tire sandals, recycled food, and candy wrapper handbags.
  9. The Fashion Project lines up dozens of fashion lines that donate to various charities that you can browse at your leisure.
  10. Project Hazina is a clothing and accessories line that provides orphans with a pillow and blanket. Project Hazina currently employs six local artisans in the USA and is currently working on establishing relationships with artisans in Kenya and Uganda.

Share who your favorite charity is so we can spread the word about them for you across our social media @AssuredAllure on Twitter and on Facebook!

Fix Any Fashion Emergency | Build your fashion first aid kit.

fashion first aid kit Every gal on the go is going to run into a fashion emergency from time to time. Whether it’s ripped panty hose, loose beads on a blouse, a major hair mishap or something even more traumatic there are some easy fashion first aid fixes you can keep with you to be at the ready for whatever your day may bring. Most of these are simple everyday items that can be used to pull double duty when put in a sticky situation – after all, looking perfectly put together for that big meeting is a must!

  1. Items to stick it back together. Get some great super glue and double stick tape. These 2 simple things will go a long way to repairing a lost bead, fixing a falling hem or keeping your girls where they should be – in place! These inexpensive items will save you a lifetime of headaches.
  2. Believe it or not a black sharpie is the perfect tool to fix your scuffed black heel or fix a chip on a dark manicure. Easy to carry around and has a million uses.
  3. Don’t trash that hanger foam from the dry cleaner – keep it to remove deodorant, food, and makeup stains from fabrics. Also keep a Tide to Go pen handy for those ‘oops’ moments out to lunch or at that important dinner event. A couple of dabs and like magic- it’s gone!
  4. Clear nail polish- great for a quick brush up to your manicure but also fixes runs in panty hose or tights and keeps them from ripping any further.
  5. Dryer sheets – keep one in your purse to stop static cling in a second. It also works on static hair and frizz.
  6.  Wet naps are the go-to dirt buster when you’re out and about and can’t get soap and water. Use them to spot clean shoes, loosen rings that are too tight or clean your hands.
  7. Plain lip balm is great for its intended purpose but did you know it can also make your teeth look shinier and tame flyaways in a pinch? Yep- so keep some handy.
  8. A mini flat iron is like your own portable regular iron- fix wrinkled collars, cuffs and hems and keep your straight hairstyle perfectly coiffed all day long.
  9. Wundercover is a handy little product that covers tattoos and prevents blisters. Keep them in your purse just in case.
  10. Fix falling bra straps and keep them in place with strap trap racerback bra clips. Tiny and super helpful in a pinch.

Share your favorite fashion first aid fixes with us on Twitter @AssuredAllure or on Facebook. Your fellow fashion warriors need to know!

2015’s Top Fashion Trends Revealed

According to the fashion ‘bible’ AKA Vogue Magazine here are the top 5 trends we can expect to see making a big impact in 2015. So start scouring for your favorite knock-off versions now because these could break the bank!

08-top-accessories-trends-spring-2015Statement stand-out purse including circular purses. Whether you’re going with leather, beaded, clutch or shoulder bag- having a great statement bag is a big trend in 2015. No more muted tones and washed out leather either, the bags that Vogue featured are all trend-setters making a bold statement and adding a lot of style and flair to your look.


statementearringsUnique Earrings – Even if you go to the office every day and are used to a more demur earring 2015 demands a slightly bigger, bolder look. Here’s what Vogue picked out as the ‘it’ looks for the year. Look through the collection here at Assured Allure to find similar pieces that fit your budget.


gladiatorThe ‘Gladiator’ look is back with a vengeance in 2015. Take a look at some of the ways this style of fashion past is making a big comeback.



Yoflatsur feet will thank you- flats and platforms are here to stay in 2015! If you’ve been dreading the trend swinging back to high high heels you can breathe a sigh of relief- the fashion gods have spoken and you can continue wearing cute flats in style in 2015.


obibeltThe obi belt will be the essential tie to any fashion forward outfit this season as they are hot, hot, hot. Here is a compilation of the obi belt put together from runway pics by Vogue to give you an idea of this versatile trend.

Why Faux Fashion is Fabulous

Have you ever gone on a trip only to discover you lost or misplaced one or more your favorite pricey pieces of jewelry? Maybe you lost just one earring from an expensive pair or one of the links broke off your costly bracelet and it’s now lost forever. That feeling is awful and entirely avoidable. Don’t invest in a lot of expensive jewelry. With how fast fashion trends change you couldn’t possibly afford to keep up and buy the finer brands all the time anyway. The answer has been around forever but with the emergence of higher-quality fashion jewelry, like what we offer here through AssuredAllure.com – your prayers for chic and affordable fashion jewelry have been answered!

And this trend isn’t just for the everyday working gal- even the high fashion lovers who want big, expensive looking pieces are taking to the streets to find cheaper and still equally fun and functional knock-off versions of their favorite pieces. And why not? If you can look like a million bucks but only spend a fraction of that all the better. Fashion forward means fashion function – after all you can’t wear what you can’t afford and if you want the look for less- fun, fresh fashion jewelry is the way to go.

As your go-to affordable only fashion jewelry store our mission is to provide you with both classic, timeless pieces and trendy, glamorous accessories of the highest quality, all at an affordable price. Our selection includes everything from attention-getting rhinestone jewelry to gorgeous simple and sleek styles. We understand that while life is chaotic, buying jewelry online can make your shopping experience fun and simple. Our affordable jewelry will add a stylish, sophisticated glow to any outfit. Inexpensive fashion jewelry can still look posh with Assured Allure!

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