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Sleek Summer Hairstyles Anyone Can Pull Off

beach hair shortSummer may not be the easiest time to style your regular do. Humidity, heat, chlorine and other summer factors may wreak havoc on your generally lovely locks. Not to worry! Here are some easy summer styles that anyone can pull off.

The easiest and most universally friendly is the ‘beach hair’ look. Wavy, tasseled, slightly unkempt but still sleek and sophisticated this easy style has been popular since the 70s and is still going strong. Short or long this look just works.

Put it up and keep it off your face with style. Sorry ladies, it’s time to retire the messy braid. To keep shorter styles out of your way, celeb stylists are all about accessorizing and recommend headbands and hair accessories that upgrade you from the basic elastic. Another big trend for summer is giving a twist to the classic top knot or doing a messy high bun.

Use texture to create lasting shine and style definition. When humidity strikes it’s hard to keep a sleek style in place so be armed with the right products or just let it go curlier/messier than you normally prefer. Keep a few key products on hand including a lightweight oil, a cream shine product, hairspray, a powder and a dry shampoo (like L’Oréal Professional Fresh Dust).

long pixieGo super short and wear it proud. For the hottest months of the year, short hair still reigns supreme. The trend is above the shoulder, so you want lobs, graduated bobs, longer pixies and undercuts that frame your face.


K-goes-GreyPlay with color! The trend of longer darker roots and lighter ends is helping all of us avoid over-highlighting in the heat of the summer to keep our roots blended. This trend seems to be sticking it out and other colors are also hot right now like pink, violet hues and grey on the ends are all fun ways to define a funkier edgier style.