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Easy Ways to Sweat Proof Your Makeup This Summer

sweaty makeupRunny, shiny makeup is a yucky way to spend your summer days so here are some easy tips to sweat proof your makeup this summer so you can get out and enjoy the heat and still look cool.

Stick to Long-Wearing Formulas

Cheaper formulas really don’t hold up as well during the summer. The trick to using cheaper formulas during the hotter months is getting them to go on smoothly, since they tend to be thicker and don’t melt as easily into the skin. Celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman’s solution? “Apply while the skin is still dewy with moisturizer. It’ll spread beautifully, then set to a long-wear finish.”

Apply Eye Shadow With a Damp Brush

Wet your brush with a bit of water before dipping it into your eye shadow, Freedman suggests. “It dries to a nice glazed finish that lasts.”

Be Strategic Around Your Eyes

“I generally use foundation or tinted moisturizer around eyes to downplay and brighten,” explains Freedman. “Then I use concealer only on the inner, deep-set part of the eye. That way, you use less of the fuller-formula concealer.”

Spot-Treat Shine

Get rid of oiliness when you notice it—before it makes your makeup run. Freedman’s rule of thumb: “If you are wearing foundation, I like to touch up with a low-pigment powder like MAC Blot Powder and a tight brush. If you aren’t wearing foundation, go for blotting papers and films instead.”

Lock In Moisture the Right Way

“Moisturizing isn’t about adding oil to the skin,” says Aaron Tabor, M.D., author of Nutritional Cosmetics: Beauty From Within and physician researcher for Healthy Directions. “It’s about keeping moisture in. So use an oil-free or light moisturizer over damp skin and work from the inside out by drinking extra water to stay hydrated.”

Put On Your Antiperspirant at Night

“This gives the ingredients time to start working even before your day begins,” says Dr. Tabor.

Deal With a Sweaty Head ASAP

When you feel your hair begin to get damp, Freedman suggests reaching for dry shampoo, or try blotting with über-absorbing paper towels. “I know an actress who cuts one up into squares and keeps it in the gym bag so she can blot her hairline.”

Head Off Scalp Oiliness

If you’re an active person and you’re having problems controlling the oiliness of your scalp, it’s time to make a switch to shampoo for oily hair, says Dr. Tabor—even if you don’t normally classify your hair as oily.

Switch Your Mascara Formula

Waterproof mascara will stay put longer. Sensitive eyes? Freedman suggests looking for a weatherproof—not waterproof—formula. It’s a bit easier to remove.

Get Thee a Primer

For days when you really want to make sure your makeup stays put, it’s time to turn to primer. You can wear it under your foundation or use Freedman’s genius trick: Mix a touch with full-formula foundation to give a tinted moisturizer feel with the added staying power of the primer.

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Your Spring to Summer Work Fashion Essentials List

Spring is slowly fading into the warm, welcomed days of summer and it’s time to start retooling your work wardrobe to be cool, comfy and of course still classy for those hotter summer days. Here are some wardrobe essentials that you can stock up on now that will get you through the next several months looking great and most importantly, feeling cool and comfortable.

  1. All White WatchFind a great, neutral watch in earth tones or with some gold on it. Our Big Circle or All White Watches fit this bill perfectly and will accent every summer business outfit well. Sometimes switching to warm weather clothes dresses down your work wardrobe so having good, high-end looking accessories to punch it up a level is really important.
  2. Long shorts are A-OK for the office. They’ll keep you cool and look professional yet stylish at the same time – win-win-win! These belted high-rise linen blend shorts from Old Navy are an affordable way to be stylish and comfortable this summer. And at only $20 you can afford every color!
  3. Sleeveless tops that are cut properly and are still conservative are also great for work. This Sleeveless White Peplum Bodice Top from White House Black Market fits the bill and comes in white so you can easily match it with various bottoms.
  4. Long, chunky necklaces draw the eye away from the extra skin you may be showing which makes your outfits feel more office appropriate so don’t forget to grab some new baubles to complete your looks. Out new Multi-chain Long Necklace is a great, neutral piece that works well with many outfits.
  5. Finally, you don’t have to wear heels all summer to look good at the office- check out all the great, and more comfortable options for wedges that will take some of the load off your hot feet. Check out some dressier wedges here.

Most importantly have FUN putting together you summer wardrobe! Beating the heat and looking cool at the same time is easier than you might initially think.