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8 Simple Jewelry Packing Tips You Can’t Live Without

If you love to travel with your beautiful baubles then you can’t miss this post! There is nothing worse than wrangling with tangled necklaces for the first hour you arrive at your tropical vacation destination so use these simple and genius jewelry hacks to avoid the frustration every time.

vitamin-holder_300To keep your jewelry organized and save space while you travel, place your earrings and rings in a weekly pill box container.

Use buttons to keep your earrings together as pairs – it’s too easy to lose an expensive stud if you throw button-jewelry-hackthem all in a baggie.





3. Clean up your brass and silver items with a dab of ketchup – it’s cheap and really works!

4. When packing, lay your jewelry out flat between two sheets of plastic wrap. It’ll save space and prevent your baubles from getting tangled.

5. Protect costume jewelry from chipping by misting it with clear gloss acrylic spray. Make sure to clean your jewelry first since the spray will seal in any dirt or fingerprints and let it dry for at least two hours.

jewelry-hack-knot-preventer6. When you travel, prevent knots in your necklaces by looping one end through a straw before placing in your jewelry bag.




7. De-tangle jewelry by sprinkling it with baby powder to loosen it. Then use a pin to free it.

8. Shine your gold jewelry by soaking it in a light ale. The beer’s natural acidity will break down dirt and bring back the sparkle.

Tuck these simple tricks into your pocket for your next trip and you’ll have the perfect accessories to match every outfit! No detangling required. Happy summer travels! Share this post with friends on Facebook and tag us https://www.facebook.com/AssuredAllure.