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Reduce, Renew, Re-Love Recycled Jewelry Crafts

We love Pinterest. We have quite an extensive page so if you’re not following us – you should be! And one thing we’ve fallen head over heels for on Pinterest are the awesome ways people are turning old regular items like buttons and other baubles into really unique and chic jewelry. If you’re a fan of turning something old into some new again then this blog is for you!

recycled jewelryDIY unique pendants out of old wine corks- so drink up, you need more corks for your projects!













recycled jewelryThese rolled paper bead necklaces are super cool and fun for projects with kids.






recycledplasticcontainersRecycle plastic food containers into cool beads for bracelets, necklaces and more.














If these projects are too ambitious you can always dig into your closet and pull out old items to start using again. Reevaluate your purse collection for example – things come and go in style and you might find some old bags you want to use again.

old purseHere’s a neat idea- turn an old purse into a new clutch simply by cutting it in half and sewing in a new zipper!

There are so many amazing tricks to make old stuff new and fun again. Share your favorite DIY projects with us on Twitter @AssuredAllure using hashtag #relove.