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Slimming Summer Outfits Anyone Can Copy

If you’re not feeling fit and fabulous then wearing less for summer can be a bummer. But don’t fret! There are ways to dress any figure for slim success and still feel cool and confident. These are simple outfits to put together that will look stylish and best of all – help you feel slim and trim.

  1. purple statement earringsFind a great pair of high wasted jeans or capris with a vertically striped button-down blouse tied at the waist. It gives the illusion of a smaller waste and takes the focus away from your bottom half. Pair this look with these Purple Statement earrings for the full effect.
  2. A boxy top paired with a great fitting pair of shorts is always a simple and flattering look. Just make sure the shorts fit well and are not too tight or too short.
  3. Black and white combinations are still A-OK for summer and always give the illusion of being thinner than maybe you really are right now. Don’t shy away from the colors that makes you look and feel your best just because it’s summer.
  4. Shorts and pants with vertical stripes always look flattering. Pair with a fluttery top or tank and you’re good to go!
  5. Fill your closet with comfortable sundresses with frilly details to draw the eye away from the lines and into the pattern. It’s a great, comfortable way to go any day!
  6. strands of black gold necklaceThrow on a great sleeveless vest to mask any problem areas. It lengthens your figure and takes the focus away from your mid-section. Pair this look with a statement necklace like this Strands of Black Gold piece for that extra pizazz!

Enjoy these simple, elegant looks this summer and remember no matter what you’re wearing… your smile is the best thing about it!


All the Flap About Flats

Cannes-_Flatgate-Controversy_thumbIf you haven’t heard of “flatgate” by now – you soon will. At the Cannes film festival recently celebrities were being told to head back to the hotel for high heel shoes if they showed up in flats. Now you might be thinking, ‘how can this seriously be true?’ But unfortunately – it was! Evidently the dress code of this strict and posh event outlines that celebrities must wear high heels to be ‘dressy’ enough to attend the event. Imagine? The height of your shoes, not the look or style of them, now dictates whether they are appropriate attire or not.

The Hollywood Reporter quickly dubbed it “Flatgate.” And actress Emily Blunt said, “We shouldn’t be wearing high heels anyways…I just prefer wearing Converse.” I’m sure many of you would agree!

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 14:  Karlie Kloss attends the Opening ceremony and the "Grace of Monaco" Premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2014 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)
CANNES, FRANCE – MAY 14: Karlie Kloss attends the Opening ceremony and the “Grace of Monaco” Premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2014 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

The reality is we are in the midst of a comfort movement nationwide – 85 percent of women surveyed in NPD’s 2014 Footwear Brand Focus Study stated that comfort is extremely or very important when shopping for footwear, more than any other attribute. So while it used to be – ‘beauty at any cost’ now it’s just ‘fashion that really fits’. It’s a welcome change for many women who do want to be perceived as fashionable but don’t want never-healing blisters and painfully sore feet to prove it.

NPD’s Retail Tracking Service data shows that unit sales of women’s flat/low-heeled footwear grew 1 percent during the 12 months ending April 2015, while sales of high-heeled footwear declined 2 percent*. In addition, as active apparel continues to gain in popularity, dollar sales of women’s sneakers (both performance and fashion) increased 11 percent in the last year**.

Will female celebrities start wearing sneakers under their dresses at major award shows and industry events? Unlikely, but perhaps the Cannes backlash will help to drive greater acceptance of more practical footwear choices for women. After all, unless you’re a super model or celebrity accustomed to wearing heels almost every day – your feet will hurt if you wear them for a long period of time so let’s all get real and start being accepting of a fashionably adorned flat-foot style.

*Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service, 12 Months Ending March 2015
**Source: The NPD Group/Consumer Tracking Service, 12 Months Ending April 2015

Fashion Trends to the Comfort Zone in 2015

YVL_1770 YVL_1611 YVL_1735Great news for all us ‘regular’ gals who enjoy letting out that belt buckle an extra click and slouching a bit during the day. The spring fashion trends are in and many of them are leaning toward over sized, slouchy and COMFORTABLE office-friendly conservative styles that we can all breathe a sigh of relief about. Aside from a variety of flats, low wedges, sneakers and other comfortable foot apparel your office wardrobe may become a mix of soft solids, slightly over sized button-up shirts and comfortable slacks with over sized pockets. Check out some of these styles and see where your fashion panache might fall in this year’s spring styles.

So while these styles are chic, comfortable and simple to put together they aren’t as dressy as you may be used to for work. In comes your style gurus here at Assured Allure to help you pair the perfect fashion jewelry accessories to your new slouchy styled look.

These pieces go a long way to take any of these outfits into a more upscale mode and can also take you from day to night in any of these looks.

purplestatementearringsAdd a powerhouse pop of sparkly color with these deep Purple Statement Earrings – it not only dresses up the outfit but it’ll make you sparkle and shine at your favorite after work watering hole as well. Only $19!


DZ1868-1-2TThis black and gold Double Strand Necklace with earrings will give your soft-toned, oversized outfit a focal point along your neckline that will help balance your look and give it a little POP. Snag this pair for only $29.99!



E842-2TFinally, these Scroll With It Earrings come in blue, lime, mint or orange (buy all 4 for options!) and they work great to add a boho chic flair to any simple work-friendly outfit. They also really dress you up for after hours – it’s the additional color you’ll want to snag some attention off the clock. Only $17/pair!

Feel Good Fashion- 10 Fashion Lines that Give Back to Charity

FASHIONGIVESBACK-03The fashion world can sometimes seem unfeeling toward those outside the scope of ‘top model’ material. But there is hard proof now that some fashion designers and even top tier fashion lines do give back. So if you’re looking to spend smarter this year and put your purse behind people doing the right thing in this world than this list of 10 fashion lines that give back to charity should be at the top of your bookmarks.

  1. Topping the list is legendary designer Ralph Lauren who gives to The Pink Pony Fund and The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention. Both are worthy causes that you can feel happy contributing to.
  2. Donatella Versace is a very high profile name in the fashion world and her charity, the Versace One Foundation, works to help rebuild earthquake ravaged areas.
  3. Kenneth Cole who creates everything from gorgeous purses and shoes to clothing gives back part of its proceeds to AID research through amfAR.
  4. Noonday sells fair trade jewelry and accessories like belts and purses from across the globe. Proceeds support more than 1,000 artisans worldwide and provide interest-free loans, scholarship programs, emergency assistance, and more.
  5. ‘Headbands of Hope’ helps kids with cancer in two distinct ways. For every headband purchased, one is gifted to a little girl with cancer, in hopes of lifting her spirits and helping her cope with losing her hair. In addition, $1 per headband is given to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to fund life-saving childhood cancer research. With hundreds of cute headbands to choose from, you really can’t go wrong!
  6. Market Colors, Inc. sells products made by groups in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Malawi including purses, laptop cases, iPad carriers, scarves, rugs, and accessories. Each product is 100% handmade and accompanied by a product card, providing details about the African craftsman who made it.
  7. When you buy a pair of TOMS Shoes, you are also helping improve the health, education, and well-being of a child. Available in hundreds of styles, TOMS Shoes for women, men, and children are not only a fashion statement but a charitable one as well.
  8. Rebuild Globally employs local Haitian artisans with living wage jobs to repurpose post-consumer products (tires and trash) into hand-crafted tire sandals, recycled food, and candy wrapper handbags.
  9. The Fashion Project lines up dozens of fashion lines that donate to various charities that you can browse at your leisure.
  10. Project Hazina is a clothing and accessories line that provides orphans with a pillow and blanket. Project Hazina currently employs six local artisans in the USA and is currently working on establishing relationships with artisans in Kenya and Uganda.

Share who your favorite charity is so we can spread the word about them for you across our social media @AssuredAllure on Twitter and on Facebook!

Fix Any Fashion Emergency | Build your fashion first aid kit.

fashion first aid kit Every gal on the go is going to run into a fashion emergency from time to time. Whether it’s ripped panty hose, loose beads on a blouse, a major hair mishap or something even more traumatic there are some easy fashion first aid fixes you can keep with you to be at the ready for whatever your day may bring. Most of these are simple everyday items that can be used to pull double duty when put in a sticky situation – after all, looking perfectly put together for that big meeting is a must!

  1. Items to stick it back together. Get some great super glue and double stick tape. These 2 simple things will go a long way to repairing a lost bead, fixing a falling hem or keeping your girls where they should be – in place! These inexpensive items will save you a lifetime of headaches.
  2. Believe it or not a black sharpie is the perfect tool to fix your scuffed black heel or fix a chip on a dark manicure. Easy to carry around and has a million uses.
  3. Don’t trash that hanger foam from the dry cleaner – keep it to remove deodorant, food, and makeup stains from fabrics. Also keep a Tide to Go pen handy for those ‘oops’ moments out to lunch or at that important dinner event. A couple of dabs and like magic- it’s gone!
  4. Clear nail polish- great for a quick brush up to your manicure but also fixes runs in panty hose or tights and keeps them from ripping any further.
  5. Dryer sheets – keep one in your purse to stop static cling in a second. It also works on static hair and frizz.
  6.  Wet naps are the go-to dirt buster when you’re out and about and can’t get soap and water. Use them to spot clean shoes, loosen rings that are too tight or clean your hands.
  7. Plain lip balm is great for its intended purpose but did you know it can also make your teeth look shinier and tame flyaways in a pinch? Yep- so keep some handy.
  8. A mini flat iron is like your own portable regular iron- fix wrinkled collars, cuffs and hems and keep your straight hairstyle perfectly coiffed all day long.
  9. Wundercover is a handy little product that covers tattoos and prevents blisters. Keep them in your purse just in case.
  10. Fix falling bra straps and keep them in place with strap trap racerback bra clips. Tiny and super helpful in a pinch.

Share your favorite fashion first aid fixes with us on Twitter @AssuredAllure or on Facebook. Your fellow fashion warriors need to know!