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Friends and Family Fall Sale at Assured Allure!

Our Friends and Family Fall Sale is going on until midnight, Monday, October 10th.  20% off your entire order, which means everything is on sale!  Even items already marked down!  Here are just a few great pieces you can get:

jenna-cuff-braceletThis is our Jenna Cuff in Wine, which will be a very popular color this fall season again.  Perfect, because I love this color and think this is such a pretty bracelet.  At 20% off you can get our Jenna Cuff Bracelet for only $12.00.





cluster-bead-necklaceOur Cluster Bead Necklace is an elegantly effective amount of bling when needed.  It seems like a simple beaded necklace, but brings enough sparkle to make you want to wear it all the time.  This will be your new go to necklace when you’re running out the door to meet your friends in the evening.  With an additional 20% off, you can get this gorgeous necklace for only $12.00.



cosette-necklace-copyFor making the perfect work statement our Cosette Necklace wins that race hands down!  It simply looks stunning with a beautiful suit or a tee shirt and jeans.  I simply love the versatility of this necklace, not too much, not too little…just right!  With our sale you can get this lovely piece for just under $25.00.




thelma-earringsAnd with a touch of druzy, our Thelma Earrings are the perfect running around earring for a busy woman on the go.  Pick these up, on sale, for just under $11.00.





Be sure and check all our pages for many more great deals at our Friends and Family Fall Sale!

Sale time at Assured Allure!

That’s right, it’s sale time at Assured Allure. And what a great time you can have, as we have not only marked down several new pieces of our jewelry, we are also running a sale for the rest of the month! 60% off all items marked down or on sale! Let me take you through some of the new pieces we just marked down.

This is our Fan Favorite Necklace, already marked down to $25.00, but with an additional 60% off you can get this for only $10.00! And this necklaces comes in two other color combinations.



These Classic Hoop Earrings come in four perfect colors for spring. And they can be worn with anything to bring a pop of color. Super cute!

E745 Mint (1 of 1)


Our Chain of Thought Bracelet is another stunning bargain. Pun intended! This charming bracelet is so unique and edgy and only $10.40, after all markdowns applied.



Our popular Crystal Metal Watch is a subtle beauty that comes in Brown and Navy Blue.

W SH11521 BLUE (1 of 1)


And our Large Oval Turquoise Ring can be found on the chicest people’s hand. That’s because it is a statement maker and proud of it babe!

R SH010 (1 of 1)


We will be adding pieces to our sale category intermittently, so be sure and check back often for new offerings. And we’ll be running our sale until January 31st, so be sure and check out all our gorgeous jewelry at AssuredAllure.com!

New Jewelry in at Assured Allure!

We’ve gotten new jewelry in at Assured Allure!  And we have had so much fun getting ready for the holiday season!  Let’s show you why.

The edgy, delicate trend continues with our new Trident Pendant Necklace. This is such a versatile piece, shown casual here, but would look just as good layered with other pieces or with a dressy outfit.


Another necklace we have gone head over heals for is our new Three Leaves Necklace. It’s so pretty with three leaves, each in a different color, Gold, Silver and Copper. Watch for lots of compliments coming your way once you adorn this lovely necklace!


We’ve also gotten new earrings in and we’ve gone ear jacket crazy. Below is our Olivia Double Bow Ear Jackets. You can also wear these as a single bow stud for a simpler, but just as glamorous look.

E536 gold (1 of 1)And let’s not forget our new bracelets! We’ve gotten in a range of styles, from edgy to glamorous and we love them all! The Ella Crystal Bangle is one of our new hinged bracelets making them super easy to put on and take off. It has two crystal covered ball ends bringing on the glam!


This Lita Pearl Tip Bangle is another hinged bracelet that combines just the right amount of beauty with edge.   We love that combination here at Assured Allure. To us it represents women perfectly, beautiful, but tough when needed.


And last, but certainly not least, is one of our new rings, the Anna Crystal Ring. It’s so pretty and has stones that truly seem to change colors depending on the light. And it’s a stretch ring that will fit any finger!

R410 (1 of 1)

This is just a sampling of all the great new jewelry we got in at Assured Allure, so be sure and check the site for more!

Don’t forget, we have great pieces on sale too!  Check out our Sale category of products, like the Gold Circle Pendant, which is perfect to match with the trendy pastels that are in right now.  We also will be running sales all during December to make your holiday shopping easier, so check back often.  And we have our Facebook store that has all items listed there at 40% off.  (Yay!)

A1937GR Pink (1 of 1)

We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season!  See you in 2016!


Smart Idea- A Healthy Happy Hour

200278039-001If you’ve fallen into the bad habit of planning your weeknights around which happy hour event you should attend then we are here to help with a healthy happy hour! While the appealing post-work happy hour Margarita Monday, Taco Tuesday or Wine Wednesday is great once in a while – it’ll leave you feeling lackluster once you realize your fitness and diet goals are severely slacking among all those empty calories and tasty fried bites. But there is a great way to use those after-work hours for something good and studies show that the hours of 4-6pm are actually best for peak athletic performance so instead of pouring another cocktail dig into an adrenaline kick instead at the gym!

Part of the appeal of going to happy hour is that you get to chat with friends! Well after a great workout you can stop by to grab a smoothie or healthy fresh green juice. That way you have the social experience as well as the treat to look forward to. Working out in a small group is more fun and helps you actually work harder than you would on your own so join a class or small group training session to get the most benefit. Fit friends are fun friends so grab a buddy and get moving!

Reframe how you ‘celebrate’ things. If you usually celebrate with cocktails and a slice of cake try celebrating with a great, blood pumping workout and a healthful fresh pressed juice after! You will have the better end of the deal every time because unlike that cake that will slow you down, that workout will fire you up and give you long-lasting energy and a sense of euphoria like nothing else can.

Banish a blue mood simply by moving your body. If you sit down and start eating it may feel good for a little while but the longer lasting effect is self-loathing and a bigger number on the scale. Both of which you will not feel good about so bust the blues by heading to the gym, taking a powerwalk at your lunch break or doing a few squats and lunges around the office. You don’t need fancy fitness equipment to get the benefit of moving your body – you just have to get up!

And remember, MODERATION is the key to everything in life. A little of something you enjoy paired with an overall healthy lifestyle is the best way to tackle your fitness goals. You can never stick to the ‘no ____ ever again’ rule because forever is a super long time and we’re human – we love treats! So reward yourself every now and then but stay focused the other 80% of the time and you’ll be just fine.

Reward yourself right now with a wallet-friendly accessory that will last longer than any cocktail and will always look good on a healthy body! Here are our favorites of the week:

unique necklace Neva Necklace – Elegant sophistication for every outfit! 






long tassel necklaceChic long tassel necklace comes in burnished silver- great for day or night. 





unique drop earringsThese super cute drop earrings feature filigree metal for a fun look.




pearl spiral ring Glam-up your finger with this fun pearl spiral ring! 


The Best Acne Products According to Consumer Reviews

At any age acne is a bummer! And finding the best acne products can be a pain, not to mention super expensive as prices range from $2.00 to $100 for high end brands. But consumers have weighed in and here’s a list we found at The Fashion Spot.com that explains the best of the best from real-life users. Get ready to zit-zap faster than ever before!

  1. Mario Badescu Skin Care- drying lotion – Cost: $17.00 – Available at Ulta, Nordstrom and Amazon
  2. clinique acne treatmentClinique- Acne Solutions oil-control cleansing mask – Cost: $21.00 – Available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Saks Fith Avenue, Sephora, Dillards, Etc.
  3. Philosophy- Clear days ahead – Cost: $39.00 – Available at Sephora, Macy’s and Philosphy.com
  4. Murad acne cleanserMurad Clarifying Cleanser- Cost: $28.00 – Available at murad.com, Ulta, Beauty.com, Sephora
  5. kate somerville acne treatmentKate Somerville- EradiKate Acne Treatment – Cost: $24.00- Available at Nordstrom, Sephora, QVC.com
  6. Dennis Gross- One Step Acne Eliminating Pads- Cost: $38.00 – Available at beauty.com, amazon.com, Sephora
  7. Peter Thomas Roth- AHA/BHA Acnes Clearing Gel – Cost: $33.00- Available at Sephora, Ulta, Amazon and BeautyBay.com

Now that your skin will be clear for summer, highlight your new glow with some fabulous fashion jewelry essentials! We are celebrating our 1-year anniversary this week with a week-long site wide sale! Get 20% off all fashion jewelry site wide through Monday August 3rd!

assured-allure-FB-cover15-anniversary (2)

Sleek Summer Hairstyles Anyone Can Pull Off

beach hair shortSummer may not be the easiest time to style your regular do. Humidity, heat, chlorine and other summer factors may wreak havoc on your generally lovely locks. Not to worry! Here are some easy summer styles that anyone can pull off.

The easiest and most universally friendly is the ‘beach hair’ look. Wavy, tasseled, slightly unkempt but still sleek and sophisticated this easy style has been popular since the 70s and is still going strong. Short or long this look just works.

Put it up and keep it off your face with style. Sorry ladies, it’s time to retire the messy braid. To keep shorter styles out of your way, celeb stylists are all about accessorizing and recommend headbands and hair accessories that upgrade you from the basic elastic. Another big trend for summer is giving a twist to the classic top knot or doing a messy high bun.

Use texture to create lasting shine and style definition. When humidity strikes it’s hard to keep a sleek style in place so be armed with the right products or just let it go curlier/messier than you normally prefer. Keep a few key products on hand including a lightweight oil, a cream shine product, hairspray, a powder and a dry shampoo (like L’Oréal Professional Fresh Dust).

long pixieGo super short and wear it proud. For the hottest months of the year, short hair still reigns supreme. The trend is above the shoulder, so you want lobs, graduated bobs, longer pixies and undercuts that frame your face.


K-goes-GreyPlay with color! The trend of longer darker roots and lighter ends is helping all of us avoid over-highlighting in the heat of the summer to keep our roots blended. This trend seems to be sticking it out and other colors are also hot right now like pink, violet hues and grey on the ends are all fun ways to define a funkier edgier style.

New Year, New You! 5 Ways to Refresh Your Style in 2015



It’s easy to fall into a fashion slump after years of honing your personal style into a particular direction. Whether you lean toward office casual with chic clean lines and soft colors or hipster with funky accessories and pops of color its good every now and again to refresh your style and see where it takes you.  What you wear and how the world sees you can have a bigger impact than you think. Here are five simple tips to refresh you styles and reach outside of your ‘every day’ to discover something extraordinary.

  1. Change up your hair color or style. This single thing can make the biggest impact on how you feel about yourself and the image you are projecting out to the world. If you’ve had long brunet locks for years – go short and blond for a while. If you’ve had straight hair for a long time try curling it for a few days to see how it fits you. Surprising things happen to your mood when you give yourself the permission to change things up. You might love your new sassy look!
  2. Pick and start wearing a kind of accessory you’ve never tried before. Hair bands with jewels, metals and feathers are hot right now- have you ever ventured to try one on? What about hats, a unique belt or a broach? Find something totally off your comfort scale and give it a try.
  3. Start a daily mood journal and track what happened that day (briefly), how you felt and what you think you should have done differently to achieve a better result. Yes this one has nothing to do with your personal style but everything to do with your sense of well-being, self-worth and control in your life. By identifying patterns of things that happen (and crazy things pop up all the time!) you may be able to change your personal style from the inside out. It sounds scary but go ahead- give it a try for 7 days and see how it goes! When you project peace and happiness from the inside whatever you’re donning on the outside will look fresh and different. Just wait and see. People will notice.
  4. Kick the heels habit if you’re an everyday heels wearer than mix things up by trying flats, boots, platforms or wedges for a whole week. Not only will your toes and feet thank you for giving them a break you may be surprised that you still look ‘super cute’ in shoes that don’t stretch out your legs a mile long. And maybe you’ll feel so good you stick with it in 2015.
  5. Reinvent your color palette. If you always stick to fall colors no matter what season try mixing in bright pastels against some of your darker staple items like black slacks and a blazer and see how that refreshed pop of color makes you feel like a new woman. Sometimes small, subtle changes like mixing in some new color tones can add the oomph you need to redefine your style in 2015. If you always wear solids try mixing in patterns like stripes, paisleys, florals or plaids. It may seem out of character for you at the moment but give it a day to sink in- you may discover you’re right at home in the new duds. And if not, keep your receipts!

While you’re mixing up your personal style in 2015 check out all the affordable costume jewelry selections at Assured Allure – you may discover some pieces that redefine the new you in the New Year. Happy New Years from all of us at Assured Allure.

And don’t miss our very generous After Christmas sale- offering 80% off plus free shipping site wide!

Best 2014 Red Carpet Gowns & the ‘Fashion’ Accessories to Match

The red carpet styles and jewelry are always fun to watch but you can put together your own similar holiday ensembles with a little help from Assured Allure’s gorgeous fashion jewelry collections at super reasonable prices. Right now our entire site is on sale for 60% off plus FREE Shipping through Christmas Eve so take advantage and get shopping!

Here are our top 3 red carpet looks:

gold metal collar Orangegown-1This gorgeous fire orange Ralph Lauren gown worn at the Golden Globes this year by Lupita Nyong’O deserves nothing less than this super unique and chic Gold Metal Collar necklace in black and gold – on sale right now for only $12!





3 stone black drop earringsblackgown-2Emma Stone dazzles us this year at the Venice Film Festival in this holiday chic Valentino gown that pairs expertly with these burnished silver/black diamond look Three Stone Drop Earrings – on sale right now for only $12!




whitegown-3Our final look is a knockout – Kate Hudson in this Atelier Versace gown at the Academy Awards – she looks better than the gold statuettes! This look’s plunging neckline would look even better with our Clear Drop Stone Necklace– a statement piece for a statement look. Grab yours now on sale for only $15.20!clear drop stone necklace

Why Faux Fashion is Fabulous

Have you ever gone on a trip only to discover you lost or misplaced one or more your favorite pricey pieces of jewelry? Maybe you lost just one earring from an expensive pair or one of the links broke off your costly bracelet and it’s now lost forever. That feeling is awful and entirely avoidable. Don’t invest in a lot of expensive jewelry. With how fast fashion trends change you couldn’t possibly afford to keep up and buy the finer brands all the time anyway. The answer has been around forever but with the emergence of higher-quality fashion jewelry, like what we offer here through AssuredAllure.com – your prayers for chic and affordable fashion jewelry have been answered!

And this trend isn’t just for the everyday working gal- even the high fashion lovers who want big, expensive looking pieces are taking to the streets to find cheaper and still equally fun and functional knock-off versions of their favorite pieces. And why not? If you can look like a million bucks but only spend a fraction of that all the better. Fashion forward means fashion function – after all you can’t wear what you can’t afford and if you want the look for less- fun, fresh fashion jewelry is the way to go.

As your go-to affordable only fashion jewelry store our mission is to provide you with both classic, timeless pieces and trendy, glamorous accessories of the highest quality, all at an affordable price. Our selection includes everything from attention-getting rhinestone jewelry to gorgeous simple and sleek styles. We understand that while life is chaotic, buying jewelry online can make your shopping experience fun and simple. Our affordable jewelry will add a stylish, sophisticated glow to any outfit. Inexpensive fashion jewelry can still look posh with Assured Allure!

Don’t miss our BRACELET BLOWOUT SALE going on now through Midnight on Monday December 15th. Snag any bracelet we have in stock for 50% off regular price plus get FREE Shipping! We know your excited – so are we, you’re welcome!

assured-allure-FB-bracelets 12.8-12.15_smaller