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5 Celebrity Travel Style Tips You Can Mimic

celebritytravelstylesTraveling, particularly on longer flights, is the one time you may be inclined to let your fashion guard down and just go with whatever is the most comfy. But there are celebrities that know how to accomplish both style and comfort in one fail swoop. Here are some easy tips to do the same on your next business or leisure trip. And don’t forget to accessorize!

Tip 1. Go stretchy with style. Sometimes stretch pants and a tunic with the right scarf and bangle bracelets are just the ticket to flying with comfortable style.

Tip 2. Embrace flats for long flights. Most people experience some swelling in the feet and ankles from being stuck in a tiny seat at altitude for an extended period of time. So avoid toe pinching heels and go with a comfy but cute flat or sandal. Or if your outfit requires a heel, bring slippers to switch to during the flight- after all, no one is looking at your feet on the plane.

Tip 3. Get a great, but big bag to use as your carry on instead of a small purse and another carry-on bag. Consolidating makes your life easier and a big tote is totally in style.

Tip 4. Pull your hair back and out of your face. Instead of spending hours prepping your hair with curls that will just get squashed go with a simple off the face up do for travel days. It’ll save you time, energy and be much more comfortable as you nap on the plane.

Tip 5. Wear layers so you can be comfortable at whatever temperature the plane or airport ends up being. Knowing the temperature to dress for at point A may not accommodate you at point B so wearing layers is a great way to be comfortable and cute no matter what happens with the AC or the weather on the ground at your destination.

Remember, fashion and travel are not always the best of friends but you can do simple things to ensure you’re both cute and comfy on your next big trip. Stay tuned to our fashion and lifestyle blog for other travel tips in the weeks ahead. Share your travel style favorites with us on Twitter @assuredallure using hashtag #travelchic.