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Sale time at Assured Allure!

That’s right, it’s sale time at Assured Allure. And what a great time you can have, as we have not only marked down several new pieces of our jewelry, we are also running a sale for the rest of the month! 60% off all items marked down or on sale! Let me take you through some of the new pieces we just marked down.

This is our Fan Favorite Necklace, already marked down to $25.00, but with an additional 60% off you can get this for only $10.00! And this necklaces comes in two other color combinations.



These Classic Hoop Earrings come in four perfect colors for spring. And they can be worn with anything to bring a pop of color. Super cute!

E745 Mint (1 of 1)


Our Chain of Thought Bracelet is another stunning bargain. Pun intended! This charming bracelet is so unique and edgy and only $10.40, after all markdowns applied.



Our popular Crystal Metal Watch is a subtle beauty that comes in Brown and Navy Blue.

W SH11521 BLUE (1 of 1)


And our Large Oval Turquoise Ring can be found on the chicest people’s hand. That’s because it is a statement maker and proud of it babe!

R SH010 (1 of 1)


We will be adding pieces to our sale category intermittently, so be sure and check back often for new offerings. And we’ll be running our sale until January 31st, so be sure and check out all our gorgeous jewelry at AssuredAllure.com!

Smart Idea- A Healthy Happy Hour

200278039-001If you’ve fallen into the bad habit of planning your weeknights around which happy hour event you should attend then we are here to help with a healthy happy hour! While the appealing post-work happy hour Margarita Monday, Taco Tuesday or Wine Wednesday is great once in a while – it’ll leave you feeling lackluster once you realize your fitness and diet goals are severely slacking among all those empty calories and tasty fried bites. But there is a great way to use those after-work hours for something good and studies show that the hours of 4-6pm are actually best for peak athletic performance so instead of pouring another cocktail dig into an adrenaline kick instead at the gym!

Part of the appeal of going to happy hour is that you get to chat with friends! Well after a great workout you can stop by to grab a smoothie or healthy fresh green juice. That way you have the social experience as well as the treat to look forward to. Working out in a small group is more fun and helps you actually work harder than you would on your own so join a class or small group training session to get the most benefit. Fit friends are fun friends so grab a buddy and get moving!

Reframe how you ‘celebrate’ things. If you usually celebrate with cocktails and a slice of cake try celebrating with a great, blood pumping workout and a healthful fresh pressed juice after! You will have the better end of the deal every time because unlike that cake that will slow you down, that workout will fire you up and give you long-lasting energy and a sense of euphoria like nothing else can.

Banish a blue mood simply by moving your body. If you sit down and start eating it may feel good for a little while but the longer lasting effect is self-loathing and a bigger number on the scale. Both of which you will not feel good about so bust the blues by heading to the gym, taking a powerwalk at your lunch break or doing a few squats and lunges around the office. You don’t need fancy fitness equipment to get the benefit of moving your body – you just have to get up!

And remember, MODERATION is the key to everything in life. A little of something you enjoy paired with an overall healthy lifestyle is the best way to tackle your fitness goals. You can never stick to the ‘no ____ ever again’ rule because forever is a super long time and we’re human – we love treats! So reward yourself every now and then but stay focused the other 80% of the time and you’ll be just fine.

Reward yourself right now with a wallet-friendly accessory that will last longer than any cocktail and will always look good on a healthy body! Here are our favorites of the week:

unique necklace Neva Necklace – Elegant sophistication for every outfit! 






long tassel necklaceChic long tassel necklace comes in burnished silver- great for day or night. 





unique drop earringsThese super cute drop earrings feature filigree metal for a fun look.




pearl spiral ring Glam-up your finger with this fun pearl spiral ring! 


Celebrity Trend: Costume Jewelry for Every Occasion

We see celebrities and ‘bravo-lebrities’ like the Real Housewives sporting fabulous and very expensive looking jewelry all the time. We’ve seen them wearing these pieces on the red carpet, at galas and fancy charity events and on vacations and everyday episodes of the shows. But their big secret is that they are usually wearing costume jewelry – a mixture of rhinestones, crystals, semi-precious stones and sterling silver and other metals. SURPRISE! Not much of the glitz and glam you see is really that far outside your budget. Check out this website: www.housewivesjewelry.com and take a look at some of the styles we’ve all seen on TV that are totally affordable.

We LOVE jewelry here at Assured Allure and we take special car selecting glamourous pieces that are functional and of course crafted with care that you can flash around just like the Real Housewives. The bottom line is – if the housewives who are famous for just being women doing their thing can rock a pair of $38 earrings to a fancy event then so can you! And you’ll look and feel awesome doing it.

Dive into our January picks that will take you from day to night now. Happy shopping!

3 stone black drop earringsThese 3-stone drop earrings make a great accent to your daily work attire – even kicking it up a notch from what you might normally wear, but shed that jacket and step into the spotlight at Happy Hour after work and you’ve gone from day to night in these glamorous earrings making them double the fun!


pantherlink necklaceThis luxe looking panther link necklace is another day to night star in that it accents your business or work casual attire perfectly and really sparkles in the club lights for a fun, flirty after-work look as well. You’ll get tons of wear out of this piece!



white watchWatch day slip into night as you go from sophisticated office chic to party ready in this glamorous and affordable white watch – priced right at only $39!




Go on an adventure through the site yourself and select more pieces to compliment your personal style – most pieces can easily go from work to worry-free making each piece do double duty in your wardrobe.