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5 Slim Down Styles that You Can Start Right Now

how to dress skinny

While most of us are wholeheartedly trying to stick to our New Year’s resolutions waiting for those holiday pounds to drop off can take a while. But while you wait there are some easy to implement options to help you feel lighter already. Here are our top 5 tips to dress thin and feel great.

  1. Choose small, tight prints instead of bigger prints because they make you look bigger. It’s really that simple. Small patterns distract the eye from trouble spots and create an overall proportioning effect for your figure. Plus, this trend happens to be very in, so why not give it a try?
  2. Go head-to-toe monochromatic. Now we don’t mean stop wearing any additional color – adding color through your accessories like a great necklace or bright colored earrings is a great way to go. Going monochromatic creates a longer, leaner figure because it doesn’t chop up your body and force people to view it section by section (hide the sections you don’t like this way!). Wearing an all-black ensemble is your best bet for looking lean, but any solid you feel fabulous in will work.
  3. Try a side-paneled dress to accentuate your curves and small waste line. Side paneling on clothing tricks the eye into believing that the body is slimmer than it actually is. Dark side paneling virtually “cuts away” the sides of your silhouette, making you appear narrower.
  4. Get your clothes properly tailored. One style tip you must abide by is making sure your clothes fit perfectly – no matter what size you are. Keep your look streamlined and sleek by paying a visit to your tailor. Get your pants hemmed, dresses fitted and tops modified as needed. If your clothes fit properly, you will look and feel your best.
  5. Slim your arms with the right sleeves. If you’re self-conscious about your arms don’t choose a top with sleeves that hit where they are widest. (Short sleeves and cap sleeves are often the worst offenders for most women.) Billowy sleeves that cover the upper arm or longer sleeves that hit mid-forearm are the most flattering and believe it or not are acceptable (depending on the fabric) in any season.

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