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Best Beauty Box Subscriptions

Beauty box subscriptions are all the rage and why now- you get a ton of great new beauty samples to try each month for a low fee. It’s always a surprise what you’re getting and you find some really great fixes for skin, makeup, hair and more! compiled this excellent list and we agree- these are the top beauty box subscriptions out there plus one extra one we love for clothing enthusiasts who don’t have time to shop called Stitch Fix.

First off if you shop for makeup, skincare and beauty products you know about Sephora. The beauty shop that is almost every major mall across America has now put together a great $10/mo program that gets you handpicked samples from top brands. The retailer is doing a test run of the $10 a month service in a few cities (Boston, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio), filled with products galore. The box also includes a bonus sample every time- yay!

Wawantablentable offers three to five full-size and premium beauty products for $40 the first month and $36 if you continue your subscription. First, you customize your profile so that Wantable can whittle down the kind of products you’d like to receive, while keeping information like your skin tone in mind. When the box comes, you can keep the stuff you like and return the stuff you’re not too keen on. Simple as that!


goodeboxGoodebox starts at $18/mo and provides a selection of healthy beauty products for the earth-conscious maven. The goodies are trial size but they do find some unique, high-quality stuff! Learn more about some of the brands they love.




Stitch Fix’s claim to fame is that they have real personal stylists who act as your personal shopper and from what we’re hearing it really does a great job of taking your personal style test and matching you with great clothing that will really fit. Similar to other beauty subscriptions Stitch Fix sends you a customized box of clothes each month based on your style profile, you go through it and keep the items you love at a 25% discount when you buy 5 of the items and the styling fee is $20 which is then applied to your final order. The personal shoppers select pieces customized to your spending preferences so the items that arrive won’t be way out of budget. If you love clothes but have limited time to shop this may be a great way to add to your wardrobe over time.

If you’re a YouTube fan then you’ve probably come across beauty vlogger Michelle Phan who specializes in makeup how-to videos that are now world famous. Her program, ipsy gets you four to five deluxe samples or full-size packages of products for only $10/month. And if you’re not sure how to use them, fear not — ipsy also includes tutorials to inspire you on how to use the products.

BeautyDNA is $25/mo and specializes in personalized products that best address your concerns/desires. Like if you have acne or oily skin they will focus on skincare products.

Test out any of these programs and share your review of them with us on Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #beautybox. We can’t wait to see and hear about the results!

Fabulous Ways to Reuse Old Scarves

If you have silk scarves balled up in your underwear drawer, winter scarves spilling out of your closet and summer scarves hanging on just about every hook, doorknob and doohickey in your bedroom, congratulations: You’re a class five scarf hoarder. According to there are at least 15 fabulous uses for your old scarf stash. To make space for your new stash without getting rid of your old ones, there’s only one remedy — to DIY morning, noon and night. So round up your scarves, roll up your sleeves and get cracking. You’ve got work to do. Here are just some of the awesome ideas that The Fashion Spot came up with to get the ball rolling or the ‘scarf tying’ as it were.

framed-scarvesDecorate an empty wall by framing your old scarves and bandannas. Choose one large statement scarf as the focal point or select a group of color-coordinated scarves to make a wall collage.






scarf-vestVest -Blanket scarves and thicker, winter scarves make the best layering pieces. Jessamity will give you the complete tutorial on how to turn your scarf into a vest in no time.

Create a body pillow with your favorite scarf patterns. Grab a handful of scarves and patch them together with the help of Country Living U.K.

Another fun way to reuse a scarf in a pattern you still love is to turn it into a Hobo Bag. One of the reasons Hermes scarves are so popular is their versatility. One minute you can wear it as a turban, the next minute you’re toting it around like a handbag.

If you’re really crafty you can easily take a great scarf and turn it into a cute new pair of sandals! One pair of flip flops, one pair of scissors and two scarves are all you need to give your summer sandals a major facelift.

Headscarves are still super popular and an easy way to reuse a scarf you haven’t worn much. One of the easiest ways to upcycle your scarves are by wearing them as turbans. To learn how to tie a scarf 15 ways, click here.

henley cuff ring rasha split ring crossing leaves split ringNow that you’re armed with all these fabulous and simple ways to reuse your old scarves it’s time to add some NEW accessories to the mix as well! Brand new rings are in and priced to sell – all are under $15 each!


Sleek Summer Hairstyles Anyone Can Pull Off

beach hair shortSummer may not be the easiest time to style your regular do. Humidity, heat, chlorine and other summer factors may wreak havoc on your generally lovely locks. Not to worry! Here are some easy summer styles that anyone can pull off.

The easiest and most universally friendly is the ‘beach hair’ look. Wavy, tasseled, slightly unkempt but still sleek and sophisticated this easy style has been popular since the 70s and is still going strong. Short or long this look just works.

Put it up and keep it off your face with style. Sorry ladies, it’s time to retire the messy braid. To keep shorter styles out of your way, celeb stylists are all about accessorizing and recommend headbands and hair accessories that upgrade you from the basic elastic. Another big trend for summer is giving a twist to the classic top knot or doing a messy high bun.

Use texture to create lasting shine and style definition. When humidity strikes it’s hard to keep a sleek style in place so be armed with the right products or just let it go curlier/messier than you normally prefer. Keep a few key products on hand including a lightweight oil, a cream shine product, hairspray, a powder and a dry shampoo (like L’Oréal Professional Fresh Dust).

long pixieGo super short and wear it proud. For the hottest months of the year, short hair still reigns supreme. The trend is above the shoulder, so you want lobs, graduated bobs, longer pixies and undercuts that frame your face.


K-goes-GreyPlay with color! The trend of longer darker roots and lighter ends is helping all of us avoid over-highlighting in the heat of the summer to keep our roots blended. This trend seems to be sticking it out and other colors are also hot right now like pink, violet hues and grey on the ends are all fun ways to define a funkier edgier style.

Slimming Summer Outfits Anyone Can Copy

If you’re not feeling fit and fabulous then wearing less for summer can be a bummer. But don’t fret! There are ways to dress any figure for slim success and still feel cool and confident. These are simple outfits to put together that will look stylish and best of all – help you feel slim and trim.

  1. purple statement earringsFind a great pair of high wasted jeans or capris with a vertically striped button-down blouse tied at the waist. It gives the illusion of a smaller waste and takes the focus away from your bottom half. Pair this look with these Purple Statement earrings for the full effect.
  2. A boxy top paired with a great fitting pair of shorts is always a simple and flattering look. Just make sure the shorts fit well and are not too tight or too short.
  3. Black and white combinations are still A-OK for summer and always give the illusion of being thinner than maybe you really are right now. Don’t shy away from the colors that makes you look and feel your best just because it’s summer.
  4. Shorts and pants with vertical stripes always look flattering. Pair with a fluttery top or tank and you’re good to go!
  5. Fill your closet with comfortable sundresses with frilly details to draw the eye away from the lines and into the pattern. It’s a great, comfortable way to go any day!
  6. strands of black gold necklaceThrow on a great sleeveless vest to mask any problem areas. It lengthens your figure and takes the focus away from your mid-section. Pair this look with a statement necklace like this Strands of Black Gold piece for that extra pizazz!

Enjoy these simple, elegant looks this summer and remember no matter what you’re wearing… your smile is the best thing about it!


Avoid Hair Dye Disasters- Part 1

hair dye disasterIf you’re brave, you’ve probably tried dying your hair at home to save a few bucks. And chances are high that one of those times you messed up. Well fear not DIY hair-dyers! There are some amazing tips here to help you look as golden good as Jen Aniston. Follow these celebrity stylist tips to gorgeous locks every time – even at home!

According to Aura Friedman, a premier colorist at the Sally Hershberger Downtown Salon, the main thing to consider when coloring your hair is the darkness of your mane, how light you want to go, the current condition of your hair and its texture, porosity and density. Porosity is the hair’s ability to retain moisture. Cuticle layers have to lift to let color and moisture in and they have to close back down to keep them in.

Dark Curly or Coarse Hair

Curly hair naturally has a rougher cuticle and is more porous than other textures, making it easier for the strands to absorb color quickly. Curly hair is more fragile and dryer than other hair textures, though. All-over coloring, bleaching and lightening affect the hair cuticle and can cause damage, dryness and dullness.

Dark Fine or Thick Straight Hair

Women with dark fine, straight hair have to be cautious as well. Fine hair processes a lot quicker since it’s thinner and less dense than other textures. If you’re not careful, the hair will damage just as easily.

Light Fine or Thick Hair

If you’re blond and want to go dark, it shouldn’t be a problem since you are just depositing color onto your hair. “Adding color to hair is not damaging, it’s when you are lifting color that there is a problem because you are literally whittling down your hair shaft. That’s how abrasive lightening hair can be,” explains Aura.

Types of Hair Color


Permanent color is necessary when you want to drastically alter the color of your hair. This color process uses a hydrogen peroxide and ammonia-based product that lifts the cuticle layer to allow for color deposits deep within the hair shaft. The color can’t be washed out, but it can gradually lose its intensity over time.


Semi-permanent color does not last as long as permanent color. Color is coated on the outermost layers of your strands as well as absorbed lightly within the hair shaft depending on the porosity of the hair. (Note: Porous hair absorbs more color than nonporous hair.) It can’t lighten hair. Color lasts up to three months, gradually fading away with each shampoo.


Temporary color or rinses coat the outermost layer of your hair strand. It can’t lighten hair, so instead it’s often used as an enhancer to your natural color, making it darker or richer. When applied to pre-lightened or very porous hair, temporary color may stain the hair shaft. It’s safe to use after a chemical relaxer process and will fade away after a couple washes.


Henna deposits color onto the hair, but can’t lighten strands. It’s a natural, plant-based alternative to chemical dyes. It doesn’t contain harsh ammonias and peroxides, and often imparts thickness and shine.

Check back next week for the second part about picking the right hue!

8 Simple Jewelry Packing Tips You Can’t Live Without

If you love to travel with your beautiful baubles then you can’t miss this post! There is nothing worse than wrangling with tangled necklaces for the first hour you arrive at your tropical vacation destination so use these simple and genius jewelry hacks to avoid the frustration every time.

vitamin-holder_300To keep your jewelry organized and save space while you travel, place your earrings and rings in a weekly pill box container.

Use buttons to keep your earrings together as pairs – it’s too easy to lose an expensive stud if you throw button-jewelry-hackthem all in a baggie.





3. Clean up your brass and silver items with a dab of ketchup – it’s cheap and really works!

4. When packing, lay your jewelry out flat between two sheets of plastic wrap. It’ll save space and prevent your baubles from getting tangled.

5. Protect costume jewelry from chipping by misting it with clear gloss acrylic spray. Make sure to clean your jewelry first since the spray will seal in any dirt or fingerprints and let it dry for at least two hours.

jewelry-hack-knot-preventer6. When you travel, prevent knots in your necklaces by looping one end through a straw before placing in your jewelry bag.




7. De-tangle jewelry by sprinkling it with baby powder to loosen it. Then use a pin to free it.

8. Shine your gold jewelry by soaking it in a light ale. The beer’s natural acidity will break down dirt and bring back the sparkle.

Tuck these simple tricks into your pocket for your next trip and you’ll have the perfect accessories to match every outfit! No detangling required. Happy summer travels! Share this post with friends on Facebook and tag us

All the Flap About Flats

Cannes-_Flatgate-Controversy_thumbIf you haven’t heard of “flatgate” by now – you soon will. At the Cannes film festival recently celebrities were being told to head back to the hotel for high heel shoes if they showed up in flats. Now you might be thinking, ‘how can this seriously be true?’ But unfortunately – it was! Evidently the dress code of this strict and posh event outlines that celebrities must wear high heels to be ‘dressy’ enough to attend the event. Imagine? The height of your shoes, not the look or style of them, now dictates whether they are appropriate attire or not.

The Hollywood Reporter quickly dubbed it “Flatgate.” And actress Emily Blunt said, “We shouldn’t be wearing high heels anyways…I just prefer wearing Converse.” I’m sure many of you would agree!

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 14:  Karlie Kloss attends the Opening ceremony and the "Grace of Monaco" Premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2014 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)
CANNES, FRANCE – MAY 14: Karlie Kloss attends the Opening ceremony and the “Grace of Monaco” Premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2014 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

The reality is we are in the midst of a comfort movement nationwide – 85 percent of women surveyed in NPD’s 2014 Footwear Brand Focus Study stated that comfort is extremely or very important when shopping for footwear, more than any other attribute. So while it used to be – ‘beauty at any cost’ now it’s just ‘fashion that really fits’. It’s a welcome change for many women who do want to be perceived as fashionable but don’t want never-healing blisters and painfully sore feet to prove it.

NPD’s Retail Tracking Service data shows that unit sales of women’s flat/low-heeled footwear grew 1 percent during the 12 months ending April 2015, while sales of high-heeled footwear declined 2 percent*. In addition, as active apparel continues to gain in popularity, dollar sales of women’s sneakers (both performance and fashion) increased 11 percent in the last year**.

Will female celebrities start wearing sneakers under their dresses at major award shows and industry events? Unlikely, but perhaps the Cannes backlash will help to drive greater acceptance of more practical footwear choices for women. After all, unless you’re a super model or celebrity accustomed to wearing heels almost every day – your feet will hurt if you wear them for a long period of time so let’s all get real and start being accepting of a fashionably adorned flat-foot style.

*Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service, 12 Months Ending March 2015
**Source: The NPD Group/Consumer Tracking Service, 12 Months Ending April 2015

Rompers are Back: How to Wear and Accessorize Them Properly

Rompers or jumpsuits are a thing of the past… and yet somehow the past always seems to come back with a vengeance. Well rompers are back in and they are the perfect casual summer frock to head uptown or down to a BBQ (depending on how you accessorize) so we’ve put together some of our favorite budget-friendly looks to get your summer romper wardrobe started.

  1. blackromperThe Classic Black Romper – This looks can be dressed up with heels and a chunky sparkly necklace or dressed down with silver dangly earrings and flip flops. Either way you cut it you’ll be comfortable and really enjoy this versatile summer wardrobe staple.







  1. redromperReady to Rock – This edgier romper look is a great night addition to your summer wardrobe. Pair it with this great cuff bracelet and hot stud earrings to complete the look.










  1. classy and chic romperClassy and Chic- This ready-to-wear romper looks great with a jacket and short boots or a cute sandal and this Leather and Metal Strands bracelet. It’s easy to wear and travels great so grab one for your next summer trip!

Statement Necklaces You Can Stake Your Game On

When in doubt with your outfit choice the go-to should be to reach for a statement necklace to help it out. After all, something gorgeous to take the eye up and away from a possible outfit disaster is always a good thing! We have a great collection of statement necklaces at Assured Allure so dive in and check them out.  The Oscars this year was full of great statement necklaces – they made every outfit that was hushed all of a sudden scream for attention.

Now if you can’t afford the luxe Oscar styles you drooled over a couple of months ago don’t worry- we have equally drool worthy options here at Assured Allure that are sure to WOW!

huesofblueHues of Blue Necklace- Only $21

This necklace is a stunner for spring/summer. It looks great with a crisp white blouse so it’s great for fun and business.


Pulling Shapes Necklace– $59pullingshapes

This is a staple piece that works great in every wardrobe – classic and chic!





Unique Lace Bib Necklace – $44

This great bib lace necklace looks great with a sundress and sandals on a lunch out this summer.



olympiccirclesOlympic Circles Necklace– $45

This is a bold piece that will accent your business or night attire – it looks great against a black top with sparkly earrings.




leatherandmetalLeather and Metal Strands Necklace– $54

This is a fun, light piece that’s still substantially sized so it makes a statement. Wear and love it with any day or evening attire that needs something gorgeous around the neck.

Your Spring to Summer Work Fashion Essentials List

Spring is slowly fading into the warm, welcomed days of summer and it’s time to start retooling your work wardrobe to be cool, comfy and of course still classy for those hotter summer days. Here are some wardrobe essentials that you can stock up on now that will get you through the next several months looking great and most importantly, feeling cool and comfortable.

  1. All White WatchFind a great, neutral watch in earth tones or with some gold on it. Our Big Circle or All White Watches fit this bill perfectly and will accent every summer business outfit well. Sometimes switching to warm weather clothes dresses down your work wardrobe so having good, high-end looking accessories to punch it up a level is really important.
  2. Long shorts are A-OK for the office. They’ll keep you cool and look professional yet stylish at the same time – win-win-win! These belted high-rise linen blend shorts from Old Navy are an affordable way to be stylish and comfortable this summer. And at only $20 you can afford every color!
  3. Sleeveless tops that are cut properly and are still conservative are also great for work. This Sleeveless White Peplum Bodice Top from White House Black Market fits the bill and comes in white so you can easily match it with various bottoms.
  4. Long, chunky necklaces draw the eye away from the extra skin you may be showing which makes your outfits feel more office appropriate so don’t forget to grab some new baubles to complete your looks. Out new Multi-chain Long Necklace is a great, neutral piece that works well with many outfits.
  5. Finally, you don’t have to wear heels all summer to look good at the office- check out all the great, and more comfortable options for wedges that will take some of the load off your hot feet. Check out some dressier wedges here.

Most importantly have FUN putting together you summer wardrobe! Beating the heat and looking cool at the same time is easier than you might initially think.