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Best Shopping Sites for Ladies on a Budget

We love designer quality duds as much as the next gal but sometimes your budget isn’t as fashion friendly as you’d like it to be. Not to worry! Aside from the steals and deals we offer daily here at Assured Allure on fabulous fashion jewelry there are tons of discount shopping sites that actually sell quality gear at great prices. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of our favorites from a top 50 list. Share this post with friends and spread the fashion fabulocity.

  1. Stylekeepers – This site is a trendy e-boutique where almost everything is under $100, and while the quality isn’t amazing (think Target), the designs are super cute.
  2. Cameo – Aussie brand, Cameo, does a great job at designing party-ready looks for around the $200 mark. New collections drop monthly, so there’s always something fresh to lust after.
  3. Nasty Gal- If you’re a fan of fun, offbeat, affordable fashion, and you haven’t hit up Nasty Gal yet, what are you waiting for? The brand started as an eBay store selling vintage, but now it’s an ecommerce powerhouse stocking vintage-inspired, new and old threads.
  4. Modern Citizen- Head here for the kind of minimalist, neutral-toned, no-fuss fashion that forms the foundation of any good wardrobe. The accessory offering isn’t huge, but what they do have looks much more expensive than it really is–which is exactly what we like in a handbag.
  5. ModCloth -Visit ModCloth to find indie, vintage, and retro-inspired looks.
  6. Louun- Head here for great jewelry plated with gold and silver, and price tags under $20.
  7. Keepsake- If anyone knows how to do a flattering, but still fashion-forward party dresses, it’s Australian fashion brand, Keepsake.

Find even more great options HERE.


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New Year, New You! 5 Ways to Refresh Your Style in 2015



It’s easy to fall into a fashion slump after years of honing your personal style into a particular direction. Whether you lean toward office casual with chic clean lines and soft colors or hipster with funky accessories and pops of color its good every now and again to refresh your style and see where it takes you.  What you wear and how the world sees you can have a bigger impact than you think. Here are five simple tips to refresh you styles and reach outside of your ‘every day’ to discover something extraordinary.

  1. Change up your hair color or style. This single thing can make the biggest impact on how you feel about yourself and the image you are projecting out to the world. If you’ve had long brunet locks for years – go short and blond for a while. If you’ve had straight hair for a long time try curling it for a few days to see how it fits you. Surprising things happen to your mood when you give yourself the permission to change things up. You might love your new sassy look!
  2. Pick and start wearing a kind of accessory you’ve never tried before. Hair bands with jewels, metals and feathers are hot right now- have you ever ventured to try one on? What about hats, a unique belt or a broach? Find something totally off your comfort scale and give it a try.
  3. Start a daily mood journal and track what happened that day (briefly), how you felt and what you think you should have done differently to achieve a better result. Yes this one has nothing to do with your personal style but everything to do with your sense of well-being, self-worth and control in your life. By identifying patterns of things that happen (and crazy things pop up all the time!) you may be able to change your personal style from the inside out. It sounds scary but go ahead- give it a try for 7 days and see how it goes! When you project peace and happiness from the inside whatever you’re donning on the outside will look fresh and different. Just wait and see. People will notice.
  4. Kick the heels habit if you’re an everyday heels wearer than mix things up by trying flats, boots, platforms or wedges for a whole week. Not only will your toes and feet thank you for giving them a break you may be surprised that you still look ‘super cute’ in shoes that don’t stretch out your legs a mile long. And maybe you’ll feel so good you stick with it in 2015.
  5. Reinvent your color palette. If you always stick to fall colors no matter what season try mixing in bright pastels against some of your darker staple items like black slacks and a blazer and see how that refreshed pop of color makes you feel like a new woman. Sometimes small, subtle changes like mixing in some new color tones can add the oomph you need to redefine your style in 2015. If you always wear solids try mixing in patterns like stripes, paisleys, florals or plaids. It may seem out of character for you at the moment but give it a day to sink in- you may discover you’re right at home in the new duds. And if not, keep your receipts!

While you’re mixing up your personal style in 2015 check out all the affordable costume jewelry selections at Assured Allure – you may discover some pieces that redefine the new you in the New Year. Happy New Years from all of us at Assured Allure.

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