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Sale time at Assured Allure!

That’s right, it’s sale time at Assured Allure. And what a great time you can have, as we have not only marked down several new pieces of our jewelry, we are also running a sale for the rest of the month! 60% off all items marked down or on sale! Let me take you through some of the new pieces we just marked down.

This is our Fan Favorite Necklace, already marked down to $25.00, but with an additional 60% off you can get this for only $10.00! And this necklaces comes in two other color combinations.



These Classic Hoop Earrings come in four perfect colors for spring. And they can be worn with anything to bring a pop of color. Super cute!

E745 Mint (1 of 1)


Our Chain of Thought Bracelet is another stunning bargain. Pun intended! This charming bracelet is so unique and edgy and only $10.40, after all markdowns applied.



Our popular Crystal Metal Watch is a subtle beauty that comes in Brown and Navy Blue.

W SH11521 BLUE (1 of 1)


And our Large Oval Turquoise Ring can be found on the chicest people’s hand. That’s because it is a statement maker and proud of it babe!

R SH010 (1 of 1)


We will be adding pieces to our sale category intermittently, so be sure and check back often for new offerings. And we’ll be running our sale until January 31st, so be sure and check out all our gorgeous jewelry at!

New Jewelry in at Assured Allure!

We’ve gotten new jewelry in at Assured Allure!  And we have had so much fun getting ready for the holiday season!  Let’s show you why.

The edgy, delicate trend continues with our new Trident Pendant Necklace. This is such a versatile piece, shown casual here, but would look just as good layered with other pieces or with a dressy outfit.


Another necklace we have gone head over heals for is our new Three Leaves Necklace. It’s so pretty with three leaves, each in a different color, Gold, Silver and Copper. Watch for lots of compliments coming your way once you adorn this lovely necklace!


We’ve also gotten new earrings in and we’ve gone ear jacket crazy. Below is our Olivia Double Bow Ear Jackets. You can also wear these as a single bow stud for a simpler, but just as glamorous look.

E536 gold (1 of 1)And let’s not forget our new bracelets! We’ve gotten in a range of styles, from edgy to glamorous and we love them all! The Ella Crystal Bangle is one of our new hinged bracelets making them super easy to put on and take off. It has two crystal covered ball ends bringing on the glam!


This Lita Pearl Tip Bangle is another hinged bracelet that combines just the right amount of beauty with edge.   We love that combination here at Assured Allure. To us it represents women perfectly, beautiful, but tough when needed.


And last, but certainly not least, is one of our new rings, the Anna Crystal Ring. It’s so pretty and has stones that truly seem to change colors depending on the light. And it’s a stretch ring that will fit any finger!

R410 (1 of 1)

This is just a sampling of all the great new jewelry we got in at Assured Allure, so be sure and check the site for more!

Don’t forget, we have great pieces on sale too!  Check out our Sale category of products, like the Gold Circle Pendant, which is perfect to match with the trendy pastels that are in right now.  We also will be running sales all during December to make your holiday shopping easier, so check back often.  And we have our Facebook store that has all items listed there at 40% off.  (Yay!)

A1937GR Pink (1 of 1)

We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season!  See you in 2016!


Slimming Summer Outfits Anyone Can Copy

If you’re not feeling fit and fabulous then wearing less for summer can be a bummer. But don’t fret! There are ways to dress any figure for slim success and still feel cool and confident. These are simple outfits to put together that will look stylish and best of all – help you feel slim and trim.

  1. purple statement earringsFind a great pair of high wasted jeans or capris with a vertically striped button-down blouse tied at the waist. It gives the illusion of a smaller waste and takes the focus away from your bottom half. Pair this look with these Purple Statement earrings for the full effect.
  2. A boxy top paired with a great fitting pair of shorts is always a simple and flattering look. Just make sure the shorts fit well and are not too tight or too short.
  3. Black and white combinations are still A-OK for summer and always give the illusion of being thinner than maybe you really are right now. Don’t shy away from the colors that makes you look and feel your best just because it’s summer.
  4. Shorts and pants with vertical stripes always look flattering. Pair with a fluttery top or tank and you’re good to go!
  5. Fill your closet with comfortable sundresses with frilly details to draw the eye away from the lines and into the pattern. It’s a great, comfortable way to go any day!
  6. strands of black gold necklaceThrow on a great sleeveless vest to mask any problem areas. It lengthens your figure and takes the focus away from your mid-section. Pair this look with a statement necklace like this Strands of Black Gold piece for that extra pizazz!

Enjoy these simple, elegant looks this summer and remember no matter what you’re wearing… your smile is the best thing about it!


The Master Class to Achieve Perfect Brows

eyebrowsEyebrow shaping can be confusing, bewildering, frustrating and downright painful if it is not done right. So we look to the expert Sania Vucetaj of Sania’s Brow Bar for the low-down on achieving the perfect eye brows.

If you haven’t heard about Sania Vucetaj or her Brow Bar and amazing line of products, then you’re in for an exciting day! Sania has years and years of experience shaping thousands of brows, including those of her celebrity clientele.

Here are some of her top tips:

  1. Use a great double sided eye brow pencil to fill in the lighter spots and make them even.
  2. Unlike the rest of your face and body, the brow area should not be moisturized because it makes the hair follicle flat and won’t allow the hair to grow back in.
  3. Say NO to waxing or threading. Waxing is quick, but stretches out the skin and is extremely irritating — threading is no better. She also says they are both imprecise and pull too many hairs at once. Instead, try tweezing the individual hairs to get the perfect shape.
  4. Be mindful of where hair starts, ends and arches. Her rule of thumb is to line up a pencil or brush so that it touches the outer edge of your nose and the inside of your eye to determine where brows will begin. The arch should be at its peak when the straight edge is angled at the outer edge of your nose and right outside of your pupil. Finally, the tail should end wherever the straight edge lines up with the outer edge of your nose and the outermost edge of your eye.
  5. The best way to restart your brow shape is to let it completely grow back and then carefully sculpt from there. If your face needs a thicker brow than you have to let it grow in to achieve that look. And keep in mind, patience is key when growing them out. This means no plucking what you think are strays or attempting to shape your brows after a few days. It can take a few months or up to a year for regrowth to happen. And remember- no moisturizer!
  6. Magnifying mirrors are a definite no because you simply see too much and end up removing too much. It’s recommended to only clean up your brows every few weeks, and lay off the tweezers in the meantime.
  7. Make sure the place you go to get your brows done is very clean – hygiene is everything. Make sure that your esthetician holds a valid license in your state. If you are for waxing, then it’s crucial that your location does not double dip because bacteria and infections can spread this way. There have also been reports of women who get warts on their brows because of threading since the thread used for this method goes in the esthetician’s mouth.

Now brow down to the queen of the perfect eyebrow and get going on yours… in a year or so they’ll be grown out enough to get them exactly where you want. In the meantime, enjoy the time off and let them go – we mean grow!

40%offNothing goes better with perfect brows than great earrings – check out our selection today. All week long is 40% off plus FREE Shipping site wide!

Top Picks for Whimsical Spring Accessories

Spring has sprung and it’s probably time to start swapping out your darker winter duds for lighter and brighter colors as well as adding some new more whimsical and spring-worthy accessories to your collection. Here at Assured Allure we’ve rounded up our favorites from our collection that are colorful, soft, spring-friendly and fabulous. We’re sure you’ll agree! Share your favorite pieces with friends on Facebook and Twitter @AssuredAllure using hashtag #SpringHasSprung.

Necklace Banner PicThis Springtime Necklace is about as cheerful and colorful as you can get in one chunky, gorgeous piece of jewelry. At only $22 it’s also a major steal. Snag one for yourself and one for a friend or loved one.





gold teardrop pendantThis simple Gold Teardrop Necklace features a pop of green with the center stone – a perfect hint to spring! Only $29.99 now.







Filigree circle earringsThese Filigree Circle Earrings (Only $7) and Filigree Teardrop Earrings (Only $9 and available in both gold or silver- buy both!) are just the light whimsical touch your spring outfits need. They go great with everything and will become an everyday go-to in your jewelry box.



All White WatchNothing says Spring better than our chic All White Watch – a fan favorite on our site for day or night looks. It’s only $39 while supplies last!




Lace Bib NecklaceThis Lace Bib Necklace is a real crowd-pleaser and offers a perfect, bright pop of color in either Cobalt, Lime or Mint right at the neckline. Dress up any boring white blouse outfit for work with this stunner! This is a substantial piece that’s priced to sell at only $44!




There you have it. Our list of ‘assured’ winning jewelry accessories for this spring. Check out our entire collection and share items with friends on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Wanelo or Google Plus with the buttons below each item’s image. Happy shopping and sharing.

Fashion Trends to the Comfort Zone in 2015

YVL_1770 YVL_1611 YVL_1735Great news for all us ‘regular’ gals who enjoy letting out that belt buckle an extra click and slouching a bit during the day. The spring fashion trends are in and many of them are leaning toward over sized, slouchy and COMFORTABLE office-friendly conservative styles that we can all breathe a sigh of relief about. Aside from a variety of flats, low wedges, sneakers and other comfortable foot apparel your office wardrobe may become a mix of soft solids, slightly over sized button-up shirts and comfortable slacks with over sized pockets. Check out some of these styles and see where your fashion panache might fall in this year’s spring styles.

So while these styles are chic, comfortable and simple to put together they aren’t as dressy as you may be used to for work. In comes your style gurus here at Assured Allure to help you pair the perfect fashion jewelry accessories to your new slouchy styled look.

These pieces go a long way to take any of these outfits into a more upscale mode and can also take you from day to night in any of these looks.

purplestatementearringsAdd a powerhouse pop of sparkly color with these deep Purple Statement Earrings – it not only dresses up the outfit but it’ll make you sparkle and shine at your favorite after work watering hole as well. Only $19!


DZ1868-1-2TThis black and gold Double Strand Necklace with earrings will give your soft-toned, oversized outfit a focal point along your neckline that will help balance your look and give it a little POP. Snag this pair for only $29.99!



E842-2TFinally, these Scroll With It Earrings come in blue, lime, mint or orange (buy all 4 for options!) and they work great to add a boho chic flair to any simple work-friendly outfit. They also really dress you up for after hours – it’s the additional color you’ll want to snag some attention off the clock. Only $17/pair!

2015’s Top Fashion Trends Revealed

According to the fashion ‘bible’ AKA Vogue Magazine here are the top 5 trends we can expect to see making a big impact in 2015. So start scouring for your favorite knock-off versions now because these could break the bank!

08-top-accessories-trends-spring-2015Statement stand-out purse including circular purses. Whether you’re going with leather, beaded, clutch or shoulder bag- having a great statement bag is a big trend in 2015. No more muted tones and washed out leather either, the bags that Vogue featured are all trend-setters making a bold statement and adding a lot of style and flair to your look.


statementearringsUnique Earrings – Even if you go to the office every day and are used to a more demur earring 2015 demands a slightly bigger, bolder look. Here’s what Vogue picked out as the ‘it’ looks for the year. Look through the collection here at Assured Allure to find similar pieces that fit your budget.


gladiatorThe ‘Gladiator’ look is back with a vengeance in 2015. Take a look at some of the ways this style of fashion past is making a big comeback.



Yoflatsur feet will thank you- flats and platforms are here to stay in 2015! If you’ve been dreading the trend swinging back to high high heels you can breathe a sigh of relief- the fashion gods have spoken and you can continue wearing cute flats in style in 2015.


obibeltThe obi belt will be the essential tie to any fashion forward outfit this season as they are hot, hot, hot. Here is a compilation of the obi belt put together from runway pics by Vogue to give you an idea of this versatile trend.

THE Holiday Gift Guide for the Fashion Lover On Your List

holiday gift guideComing up with fun and unique holiday gifts can get tougher each year. Sometimes you need a little fresh inspiration to find that perfect thing that will make them smile and think of you each time they use or wear it for the rest of the year. Here’s our definitive list of the best gifts for the fashion lover on your holiday gift list.

  1. Accessories always make a great gift – check out the bracelets here at Assured Allure and pick a pair of earrings to go with it. The combo makes the perfect gift and it’s so affordable!
  2. Essie Holiday Minis Kit is perfect for the nail polish lover in your life. They come in great holiday colors and small, travel friendly bottles for on-the-go touch ups or the impromptu manicure. Buy it online at for only $15.
  3. Beauty box subscriptions are super-hot this year and it’s a fun gift that keeps on giving. They get to try cool new products each month and who doesn’t love that? Take the quiz at to get started selecting your beauty boxes.
  4. is great way to show the shoe lover in your life you understand their obsession with the latest and greatest shoe styles. Get them an e-gift card and let them splurge on whatever pumps, heels, wedges or boots steal their heart.
  5. 3 words – Cashmere Sweat Pants! These are pure heaven, soft and luxurious but also stylish and BONUS so comfortable! Check out the cashmere sweats collection at J Crew and put a huge smile on someone’s face this holiday.
  6. scarfInfinity scarf is the perfect winter accessory. It’s cozy, comfy and comes in a variety of styles and colors. Check out for some great options and deals on these winning gifts or stocking stuffers at super low prices – the one pictures s only $2.99!

Happy shopping fashion lovers! Check back to Assured Allure throughout the month for great POP up deals and steals!