Wear This, Not That- The Funniest Fashion Faux Pas

We all have our cringe-worthy fashion moments, especially looking back to our youth where we have to ask ourselves, “What were we thinking?!” And celebrities are the same! We did a little digging and found some truly awesome and memorable fashion faux pas to share. So sit back, get ready to laugh and enjoy! You’re going to want to share these with friends and let us know your favorite laugh-out-loud outfit on Twitter @AssuredAllure with hashtag #fauxpas.

stripedjumpsuitThis one-legged and one-shoulder striped body suit. This faux as requires nothing further!





whoopie-greenoutfitWe all love Whoopie Goldberg but this shiny purple and green ensemble has so much wrong with it we don’t even know where to start! #toofunny







buttcrackLeggings as pants + the wrong underwear = BIG FASHION MISTAKE anytime!





carriepinkCarrie Bradshaw ‘Sex and the City’ – not one of her finest moments on the show. She’s like a pink wonderwoman pirate in this outfit. #majorfauxpas






carrie2Belting your waste line without clothing covering it – nope bad idea anytime.







Have some favorite fashion faux pas you just have to share? GREAT! Send them to us via Facebook or Twitter and we’ll post them for a good laugh.