5 Jewelry and Accessory Trends You Can Master in a Snap

Let’s be honest- there are way too many ‘trends’ to keep up. All of us ‘regular folks’ just need some simple ways to use the duds we have and make them stand out. Sounds simple right? It is! Here are 5 easy things you can do with the jewelry and accessories you already own and some suggestions for inexpensive new items you can buy to take your daily looks up a notch or two. And it costs little to nothing extra to do it. It takes just a few seconds to make the tweaks. Smile… you’re a fashionista in the making.

  1. layered necklacesLayer your delicate necklaces. The minimalist jewelry trend is here now, and who knows maybe gone tomorrow, but one thing that’s been popular for a long time now is mixing and matching and layering necklaces. Heck Madonna’s been doing it since the 80s and she’s still popular so we think you can safely do it too.





stack rings2.  Stack your rings. Similar concept to #1 but something we usually forget – you can wear rings of different sizes on the same fingers to sort of ‘stack’ them. It’s a cool look – play with it and see.

silk belt3. Repurpose your silk scarves to accessorize your purse, backpack or other bags. You can also make them into belts and head bands. If you went crazy for silk scarves a few years ago when they were the ‘It’ accessory and still have a pile of them throw one on your favorite black purse to add a pop of color and style. You can change them out as your outfit and mood changes as well.



headband4. Headbands are okay for grownups too! Yes, little girls are always adorable in headbands and floral hair clips but FYI- you can pull those off now too! They make a variety of hair accessories that add a funky twist to even the most conservative of office attire. Go ahead- try it!






cool socks5. Finally, get some cool new socks. Yes, socks are in style now and we’re not talking about the Target brand white ankle sock with the yellow toes. There are tons of cool colors, patterns and unique twists on socks that will make you smile every time they peep out of the bottom of your pants.

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